Strength Palo Santo Bundle | Lepidolite

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A bundle featuring three pieces of palo santo wood, one lepidolite cluster and dried florals. 

Hand-made in Canada with ethically-sourced materials.

Burning Instructions: Ignite your palo santo stick until it is fully burning, then let it burn for 30 seconds before blowing it out. Waft the smoke around your desired area of cleansing to welcome positive energy. Re-light the sticks as needed. 

It is recommended to take the bundle apart as there are preserved flowers, which make for a beautiful mini dried floral bouquet that can be used for decor. You may also burn the entire bundle, including the flowers, but let it smolder on a heat safe dish as embers may fall.

Our items are natural, the piece you receive may vary slightly in shape, color and size from our pictures.

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